Favorite Song of 2015: BOSS "I'm Down With That"

Graham LeBron
01 20, 2016

My favorite song of 2015 is "I'm Down With That" by BOSS, released in November on Speedy Wunderground.

I've written about it before here and it just keeps growing on me.

I'll recap if you aren't familiar:

I've written about Warpaint several times, their last album was one of my favorites of 2014. Singer/guitarist Theresa Wayman has one of my favorite voices and a wonderfully unique guitar style. Her new collaboration with Guro Gikling (All We Are) and Sarah Jones (Hot Chip) is called BOSS. Their first single, "I'm Down With That" was produced and released by Dan Carey on his Speedy Wunderground label.

Dan has a unique vision for the label he started in February 2013, releasing only 7" singles recorded at his studio in one day. You can read all the guidelines here, including no lunch breaks on the recording day, and the required use of the Swarmatron... Pretty awesome, in an interview in 2013, he explained his motivations for wanting to work quickly.

“When you're recording something, there's a moment that comes just after everyone having learnt the song enough to be able to play it, where it just sounds amazing, because it's slightly on edge, because no one's 100% sure - I want to record that bit,” says Dan Carey. “Not the bit once it's been rehearsed and played and played. It could be better once it's been gigged for a while and turned into a real thing, but it's that moment where everyone's like ‘oh, shit!’”

Everything about it moves me, from the unique creation process to the limited 45 only release.

It is the perfect blend of electronic sounds, old and new, and confident groovy playing by a talented group of folks together in a room. According to this Dummy article, it was put together from the usable portion of a boozy 15 hour jam. The wonderfully bubbly synth arpeggios combined with a fuzzed out driving bassline hold it all together as trembling guitars and spaced out vocals swirl around your head. It's a dancefloor burner that sounds just as good on headphones. And, as I mentioned, it is still not on Spotify.

I've noticed over the last few months that there a number of tracks I've been enjoying that are also not on Spotify, so I put together a little mix for you.

It contains mostly female sung electro tinged dance pop. Big surprise, eh?

I'm especially into the latest tune by Dutch musician Annelotte de Graaf, Amber Arcades, called Turning Light. It definitely soothes the part of my heart that is still broken up over the death of Trish Keenan of Broadcast in 2011.

What a great band Broadcast was. If you don't know them, I suggest checking out any of their albums. They were rereleased early last year by Warp Records. I started back in 1997 with an LP collection of their early singles, Work and Non Work.

So, enjoy the new year with this Soundcloud mix that also includes Smerz, Radiation City, Hazel English, Amber Arcades, DAD and more.

I'm sure I'll be adding to this as I find more.

For now, check the video for Smerz "Because." What a jam. Happy listening!

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