Favorite Song Right Now: DAD "California"

Graham LeBron
03 17, 2015

This song is getting me excited for better weather. Summers in California really are the best.

I'm excited for Huichica and Hickey Fest and Burger Boogaloo and any number of other awesome CA events happening this spring and summer that I don't even know about yet.

And this super 8 video for an amazing cover of The Simple Tones' proto pop-punk tune, California, makes me giggle. Every time. Which is a lot since I've watched it about 10 times already.

I generally only use Facebook these days to tell people about what I'm doing. I find I go down pointless rabbit holes and end up wasting time and not learning or gaining anything in the process, but this morning was different.

Here is a great example of how social media should work.

This weekend I was at my photographer neighbor's house for her birthday party. Ginger and I were discussing the new website for the festival her roommates, Sugar Candy Mountain, throw every summer called Hickey Fest and I asked her for some of the photos she took last year for the site. Today I looked her up on facebook to get in touch and I noticed a friend of hers who looked familiar. Turns out I had just recently seen her play at Viracocha SF during the Harry Nilsson Tribute and soon after ordered her LP, These Holy Days, from her bandcamp. Anna Ash actually wrote me a really nice note included with the LP she sent. I've been spinning it almost every time I DJ since then. So, on her feed, there is a video she starred in for a song called California by Christine Hucal of the band DAD. I click on the video, cuz it looks old and could be interesting, Anna is also not hard on the eyes. I highly recommend her album. Have a look and listen at the video for her song, Heartbreak Season, that Christine edited. Anyhow, back to the matter at hand.

The song jumps out at me and knocks me back, it's big and bright, and blown out, just like I like it.

There are drum machines and real drums played tight and groovily, complimented by off beat synth and organ sounds and a real funky bass line clearly played by a real person. And the cheery cherry on top -- a comfy, silky voice lying in this sunny bed of sounds, casually whispering in your ear the merits of the Golden State. Perfect.

Where did this come from? Oh, turns out Christine used to live in Oakland, and it was mixed and mastered by Carlos Arredondo, a friend of mine, who also lives, wait for it....

Yes, at the very same house where previously mentioned neighbors also live. Carlos' studio, Yappy Dap, is on the bottom floor there. I was just hanging out there playing drums on Friday.

Christine used to live in Oakland, and is now in Detroit. It all starts to make sense now. And now I recall seeing Anna Ash's album on the wall at the studio, and she mentions Michigan on her bandcamp page and, there must be a Michigan connection there, and... Christine is in Anna's touring band perhaps? Ok, Stop. Another rabbit hole, this one not pointless but still. I'l have to figure that part out later.

For now, enjoy California, and also Christine's other videos for DAD songs and other randomness, and her website, where you can take a survey with questions like "How many Beyonces do you think you are?" (7, 77, 777, 7777, Seven, Yellow) I think the answer is Yellow?

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