Favorite Song Right Now: Golden Gram "Tromp's Train Ride"

Graham LeBron
04 19, 2015

Last weekend, I took Amtrak from Emeryville to Bakersfield to see Sturgill Simpson at Buck Owen's Crystal Palace. It was a great little vacation for myself. I'd been wanting to take the train somewhere in the states for a long time and this seemed like the time since the time and money were about the same to drive. I thought with the free time I would read and work and write, and I did a little. But mostly, I stared out the window. It felt great to do so. I filmed some of it and thought about what kind of music would go with the view. When I got home on Sunday afternoon, I grabbed my guitar and started picking. At my good friend, Trey Pool's, suggestion, I left one of my guitars in the altered C tuning he taught me a few weeks before to see if it would inspire some writing. It sure did. 

Here is the view from the window on the westbound Amtrak San Joaquin route back to Oakland and the accompanying score. Thanks Trey, this song is for you. May it bring you joy in times of sadness. It seems to be mostly why I write these days. Download it for free.

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