Favorite Song Right Now: Jacco Gardner "Find Yourself"

Graham LeBron
03 10, 2015

Jacco Gardner is a "neo-psych/baroque pop wizard" from the Netherlands. He recently signed in the states with Polyvinyl Records and will release his new album, Hypnophobia, on May 5th. Only 25 years of age, this young multi-instrumentalist already has quite a handle on his whimsical brand of pop magic. It reminds me of a more put together Syd Barrett or, more recently, Jim NoirIt's like a soundtrack to elf children playing in a British forest. No stranger to this world of avant pop creation, his debut album, Cabinet of Curiosities, was released in 2013 via Trouble in Mind Records here in the US. On his new single, Find Yourself, he continues his pursuit of pop perfection, mixing sleepy  harmonies, classical instruments like harpsichord and organ with bits of fuzz, space echo, bouncing bass and Ringo style drums. I'm even hearing some Incredible String Band and Nick Drake in there... 

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