Favorite Song Right Now: Kelley Stoltz "Cross Your Mind"

Graham LeBron
02 26, 2015

Cross Your Mind, the single Kelley Stoltz released in 2014, is another perfect psychedelic pop gem in the already rich catalog of this multi-instrumentalist, singing, songwriting master. He has such a handle on his craft and the music he loves that it comes out sounding so familiar but still utterly, originally Kelley.  The B-side, The Anarchist in Me, co-written with Tim Cohen (Magic Trick, The Fresh and Onlys) is no slouch either. The limited edition 7" on Stroll On Records sold out long ago. Hopefully, it's on the new record. Kelley’s last one, Double Exposure, was easily one of my favorites of 2013. It's the first LP I bought in celebration of getting a new job that December. Who could resist the video for Kim Chee Taco Man, starring local super drummer James Kim (Kelley Stoltz, Magic Trick, Extra Classic, The Fresh and Onlys, etc.), as the mysterious Taco Man? I’ve long been a fan of Kelley since I first encountered him and his album, Antique Glow, back in 2002. Over the years, I’ve seen him many a time and shared the stage with him on tour. He turned me on to one of my favorite Harry Nilsson songs, Turn on Your Radio, when he covered it at a show at the Great American Music Hall back in 2003. Double Exposure quickly became one of my essential DJ records, one that never seemed to leave the crate because it worked in so many situations. A great transitional record -- rock & roll, 60s psychedelic, 80s britpop, and even a bit funky at times, it could get me from one place to another with ease in a DJ set. The word from the horse’s mouth is "new album in Fall I reckon..." on John Dwyer's Castle Face Records, followed by more live dates in the Fall and Winter. A true local treasure who deserves worldwide recognition.

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