Favorite Song Right Now: Lady Lamb "Billions of Eyes"

Graham LeBron
02 18, 2015

I discovered this big slice of upbeat melancholy when someone compared it to one of my favorites of last year, the Chad VanGaalen produced, self titled Alvvays album. There is a similar jangle pop vein here that hits my heart in just the right spot. Sometimes, you just believe someone’s voice as soon as you hear it. Lady Lamb is one of them. It’s rough and ready and wise beyond young Aly Spaltro’s 20 something years.

Right out of the gate with a yell/sung series of “da da da das”, I'm sold. Then she makes meaning out of conversational lyrics like “But the kitchen in this new place has a window there, you can grow basil on the sill maybe. You can call your neighbors by name now.” Now, I’m hooked. I’ve already pre-ordered her new album, After, due out March 3 on Mom + Pop Records.

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