Favorite Song Right Now: Lower Dens "To Die in LA"

Graham LeBron
02 18, 2015

Just this morning, Lower Dens dropped the video for their new single, To Die in L.A. Directed by Cody Critcheloe, it is wonderful and weird and delusionally awesome. I'm still a big fan of their 2012 record, Nootropics. I discovered them through an old bandmate of mine who plays guitar in the band. One of the advantages of playing in too many bands over the years, trusted recommendations are a nice filter for the clutter. 

This new track definitely picks up where they left off, synth heavy arrangements with pulsing live drums and spacey guitars. That's pretty much my jam these days. I like that, from the outset, the racing, motorik drum beat could go in a number of directions, then the expansive synth arpeggios and reverbed out guitar come in and let you know that this is more Neu! than Billy Idol. As always, Jana Hunter’s voice glides over the top, leaving plenty of room to ponder her crooning meditations on relationships. I know they might hate me for saying this, but something about it reminds me as much of 70's Krautrock as it does Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer.” That’s a good thing in my book. The new album, Escape from Evil, drops March 30 on Ribbon Music.

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