Favorite Song Right Now: Tall Tales & The Silver Lining "Let It Go"

Graham LeBron
04 02, 2015

Last night I went to see Guster at the Fillmore and met up with Eric D. Johnson of EDJ. This already great night got better when Eric asked if I wanted to go see Andy Cabic of Vetiver DJ at his Mellow Shots night at SF’s Rock Bar. Of course I do! Eric is in town because Vetiver has some tour dates for the new album, Complete Strangers, and he’s playing keys along with some other new additions to the live Vetiver line up. That new line up also includes a bass player by the name of Nick Aives, who looks really familiar when I see him at the bar. I figure out it is because I saw him play on New Years Eve at Amnesia. He’s the bass player for The Range Of Light Wilderness, the band that put out my favorite record of last year! He also played bass on one of my favorite EPs of 2013, Outer Sunsets by Farallons. It turns out he also lives in Oakland, within walking distance of me, actually. As he was leaving, I asked him for a ride since we’d been having a good chat, and he graciously agreed. So we’re headed to his vintage orange Toyota pickup and he asks if he can play me his new favorite record. I love new favorite records! I say “Sure, just do whatever you'd do if i wasn’t here.” So he puts on “Tightropes” by Tall Tales & The Silver Lining, a Los Angeles band that released their debut LP in February on Other Music Recording Co. “I’ve been listening to only this record for a couple weeks now.” I love those kind. Right out of the gate it’s great. Solid guitar pop songs with a comforting airy tenor by singer, Trevor Beld Jimenez. “It’s 10 great pop songs, they keep getting better as the record goes on.” He’s absolutely right. There’s some Tom Petty in there, a bit of Grandaddy, 80s jangle pop -- it’s one of those records that blends it’s influences so seamlessly that it just sounds familiar. I love this, there are subtle synths, vocal harmonies, tasteful guitar solos and even pedal steel. I love pedal steel! It is hard to pick a favorite, but for right now, it is “Let It Go.” I gotta go get this record. Thanks, Nick, see you around the neighborhood, I hope!” 

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