Favorite Song Right Now: Tame Impala "Cause I'm A Man"

Graham LeBron
04 07, 2015

Well, they've done it again. First they released the epic, almost dance track, Let It Happen, and now this? Honestly, I couldn't be more pleased with the direction Tame Impala is heading. I'm sure this one, just like the last one, will upset some of those that want them to keep sounding like The Small Faces in 1968,  but gosh darnit if this isn't one of the biggest, most delicious slices of modern psych soul I've ever heard. I feel like the most creative artists making music these days are refusing to be classified, I suppose they always have. Like when Ray Charles fell in love with country, or when Willie Nelson made a reggae album. It is almost as if the complete over abundance of music available to us instantaneously is finally starting to have a positive effect in that the lines of what constitutes popular music, at least on the edges, are seriously blurred. Maybe young folks don't seem to have a problem mixing and matching to their taste instead of proudly waving the flag for one camp against selected others. Anyhow, this band! The steady rockin' hip hop tempo, the crooning vocals and crunchy bass with synths floating overhead -- it is similar to the way I described Unknown Mortal Orchestra, where you can't tell if the sounds are live or just samples manipulated, but you don't really care because it just sounds so damn good. Apparently, the main dude, Kevin Parker, wrote this, then played everything, recorded, produced and mixed it too. That is kinda my style lately too, much respect. And now we know the album will be called Currents and will definitely be out sometime this year.  Seriously, if this is where music is headed in 2015, I'm fully on board.

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