Favorite Song Right Now: Tame Impala "Let It Happen"

Graham LeBron
03 20, 2015

Last week, Tame Impala released this new track seemingly out of nowhere as a free download on their website. To quote Marti DiBergi from Spinal Tap, "Don't look for it, it's not there anymore." Seriously, there isn't even a mention of it anywhere on their site. You can still download it from Pitchfork though. It was a fairly smart PR move -- blogs rushed to cover it and fans and schemers posted the track to Youtube to try to gain some views for themselves off of someone else's handiwork. Allegedly, this is from their 3rd LP which has now been confirmed to be released at some point this year. Folks are gonna lose their marbles. Lead singer, Kevin Parker, hinted that this album would be "less rock and more electronic." I, for one, am for it. While sounding not at all like it, I am similarly reminded of the first track that Unknown Mortal Orchestra released from their forthcoming album, Multi-Love. It is clearly the same Tame Impala, which on album is mostly Kevin Parker recording at home, but it shows a new fascination with sound manipulation and things electronic. At almost 8 minutes, Let it Happen is a sprawling opus of a song. It kicks ass, starting out with that familiar drum sound and Mr. Parker's distinctive vocal. At the one minute mark, it starts to get weird (a low pass filter to be specific), as if a DJ is messing with it during his set. Some of my favorite kind of "sonicness" is going on here, like the song is remixing itself before it has even finished. A few more minutes in, someone starts playing with the loop button and things get really interesting. This is where casual fans probably start to get upset. It just gets more awesome from there, turning into a dance jam with an almost Michael Jackson groove for a second before dropping back into familiarity. It doesn't feel like 8 minutes to me at all. It leaves me very excited to hear what the rest of this record will sound like. This is experimental pop at its finest. It's going to be a great year for music.

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