Favorite Song Right Now: The Bird and The Bee "Will You Dance?"

Graham LeBron
08 11, 2015

Sometimes it's nice to not be able to get a song out of your head. The Germans call it "der Ohrwurm."  Radiolab actually did a feature on earworms a few years back, it's a real thing.  At this point, "Will You Dance?" from The Bird and the Bee's "Recreational Love" album has been on repeat in my brain pretty much since first hearing it 3 weeks ago now. 

I kept putting it on at home, having heard that actually listening to the song in question can cure the earworm. No luck, so at this point I've just decided to enjoy it. It especially comes on when I'm riding my bike on a sunny afternoon, it is just one of those songs I guess. I bought the LP and have been spinning it in a variety of places and it always goes over well. 

I am also really fond of the lyrical sentiment:  

"I don't mind, I don't mind just wasting time. Wasting time is all there's ever been." 

I spend a good portion of my day trying not to waste time, whether by choice or not, so I like the idea that maybe it can be OK, it is just a part of life. It makes me feel better, which is what a great pop song is supposed to do. This one also makes you think. The very next line goes, 

"I don't care, I don't care if people stare. People stare at all the wrong things.

Which is so right on. In an interview recently, singer Inara George said "I think the things that are most beautiful, like two gay men together dancing or somebody dancing for just the joy of it - people stare at all the wrong things. Why aren't we staring at the homeless person on the street when we walk on by them? The joyful things are sometimes the things that people are most judgemental about." Too true, Inara.

It has been 5 years since The Bird and the Bee released an album and I must say it has been worth the wait. Their pop sensibility and production values are right in line with my tastes lately, and unlike a lot of dance oriented albums, this one isn't just a few singles and some filler. Even the downtempo tracks like "We're Coming to You" are great. I'm not really surprised, Inara George is a consistently great songwriter, like her Dad. I've been a fan of her songs since we toured together with Rogue Wave and Nada Surf back in 2006. A few of us actually got into a strange, now infamous, slapping contest, that I still don't really understand how got started. Anyhow, since then she's made a ton of great music with her musical cohort, Greg Kurstin, who in the last 5 years has become a grammy nominated producer, working with a variety of folks like Beck, The Shins, Lily Allen, Sia, Kelly Clarkson, and Years & Years.  He's even the guy they picked to rework those classic songs for the Annie remake last year. It sounds like the lag in albums was mostly due to having children and being busy with other projects, which I'd say are both good reasons. I'm glad they're back. Their Hall and Oates tribute album in 2010 was pretty amazing, but I'm glad to hear some originals this time around. Oh, did I mention the video is also hilarious and awesome? It is directed by Inara's husband, Jake Kasdan, (Freaks and Geeks!!!), and it stars Patton Oswalt and Simon Helberg. There's even some behind the scenes footage, I love this kind of stuff. And, they even did an "acoustic" version, which I can only assume was shot in Greg's studio, showing off his impressive chops and synth collection. Not to mention Inara's stunning voice, no Auto Tune or do-overs here...

If this doesn't brighten your day, I don't know what to tell you, folks. Be good to each other. Life is short. 

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