Favorite Song Right Now: Vetiver "Current Carry"

Graham LeBron
02 21, 2015

I’ve been an admirer of Andy Cabic’s mellow brand of soulful folk rock for years since our bands shared the stage in the backyard of long defunct Oakland coffee shop, Mama Buzz, in 2003. Whenever I see him DJ around town, I’m always astonished at his near encyclopedic musical knowledge. I love it because I always learn about some new artist, if not some whole new genre to explore. And unlike most “cool” DJs, he’s happy to tell you who it is, why it is interesting to him, and even where to find it.

Maybe it is the musicologist in him that makes his music seem almost devoid of genre in its eclecticism. Can I even say that these days? It just ends up sounding like classic American music to me. Anyhow, I’ve always been a fan of when he gets groovy, like Can’t You Tell from his last release, The Errant Charm. So, if the first song he’s shared from his new album, Current Carry is any indication, I’m going to really love this one. I've had this song on repeat for weeks now. J.J. Cale left a big hole in my musical heart when he died in 2013. Vetiver helps fill it back up with organic goodness. Complete Strangers drops March 24 on Easy Sound Recording Co. (Update: August 13th, 2015. Here's the video that was just released. And yes, I do absolutely love the new album, it is fantastic.)

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