Favorite Song Right Now: Vetiver "Stranger Still"

Graham LeBron
03 23, 2015

Hey, remember a few weeks ago when I was writing about the albums I'm most anticipating this year? Well, tomorrow, one of them is finally released. It has been three long years since Vetiver released the gorgeous "The Errant Charm" on Sub Pop records, and now we finally get the seventh album, "Complete Strangers," out Easysound Recording Co on March 24th. I've been teased earlier this year by the song, Current Carry, which is already one of my favorite jams of the year and this little snippet on Youtube that got me even more excited about a sweet, new Vetiver with a refreshing organic, almost yacht rock feel. And now, it is here. This new album is a full commitment to the groove. Turns out that snippet is from my new favorite song, Stranger Still, the first song on the new album. This subtle and smooth gem was on repeat for my Monday morning commute -- a slow burning build of a tune, all swirly Eno synths, vintage drum machine, delayed disco guitars, and subtle percussion all leading into a triumphant strumming groove that gives J.J. Cale's "Ride Me High" a run for it's boogie rock money. Andy Cabic's voice sounds more comforting than ever, even when laying down some truth. "In my head, it made some strange sense but outside, it's stranger still. Out in the real world, confusions keeping score... close calls and closing doors." In his own words, 'Stranger Still' is an anthem for insomniacs, illuminating the hours when the world exceeds our grasp." Seven minutes in heaven, indeed. Check out the album, streaming now over at EW. If you live in the Bay Area, you can head over to Amoeba Music in San Francisco on the release date, Tuesday 3/24, at 6 pm for a DJ set with Andy and a signing after. See you there!

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