Guilty Pleasure Friday: Andy Gibb "I Just Want To Be Your Everything"

Graham LeBron
03 27, 2015

Alright folks. I'm trying something new here. Going out on a limb, opening myself up to ridicule. I feel good about it. I think it might be helpful for everyone to air out some laundry here. I'm calling it Guilty Pleasure Friday and it is a chance to share something you might feel bad about liking, but you know you really do. There's no denying it. Maybe through our sharing, we can even learn to overcome the guilt. I, for one, am getting a bit too old to say that I'm liking things ironically, or because "it's so bad that it's good." It probably just is good! So, I'll start. I've always had a soft spot for the Bee Gees

Throughout my life, I've switched stations when it came on in the car, but only if other folks were with me. I know their songs are so ubiquitous that it can make them seem bad through sheer repetition, and I know there are record collectors who swear by only their early stuff, which I like too, but I'm talking about the Greatest Hits material here. "How Deep Is Your Love" is an awesomely cheesy groove and I don't care who knows it. So, for the first entry, I select a song by the Bee Gees' younger brother, Andy Gibb, called "I Just Want to Be Your Everything," a song I somehow only recently discovered that happens to have the same kind of groove as a lot of the music I've been spinning it lately. It is a certified smooth jam to be sure. Now, it is your turn. Show me yours. It doesn't have to be a song, but if it is, I'll add it to the playlist. Let's do this!

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