Holiday Looping with Luke Sweeney

Graham LeBron
12 22, 2015

2015 was the year I was introduced to Luke Sweeney. When I saw he was playing Hickey Fest this summer, I gave a listen to this native San Franciscan's 2014 LP, Adventure:Us, and fell in love. The tune, "Doin it to You," is one of the classic pop songs of the last decade. When he mentioned online that he was looking for a loop pedal for an upcoming residency at The Chapel, I offered up my Boss RC-2 Loop Station, which he then fell in love with and eventually bought from me. Heck, I hadn't been using it, though after seeing what he can do with it, that may change in the near future. So, I went to the show at The Chapel and had a wonderful time. I met a good chunk of his family who all treated me like an old pal even though we'd just met. Clearly this boy comes from good stock.

His looping process onstage was so enjoyable to watch that I asked if he might let me film one of them. We finally found some time this month as he prepared for his December residency at Amnesia. I visited him in his space at Lennon Rehearsal Studios where we shared some beers and talked music and life for several hours. Oh, and I also got him to do a loop song for me. This is one of my favorites called "Already Yours" which we should see on a new album out some time next year. Here is the loop video, below that are some excerpts of our afternoon chat in addition to the song. If you're not familiar with Luke already, I highly recommend becoming so.  You can start with his great original holiday tune, "Loveless Christmas." It is excellent, and it appears on the Drops of Gold "A Decent Holiday Mix" as well. Happy Holidays!


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