How to Tune Your Drums with Jason Slota

Graham LeBron
05 11, 2015

I recently got a new drum kit from C&C Drum Co. They're a great American company out of Missouri that is making the best drums around in my opinion. If you pay attention, you'll see the C&C logo on the kick drum of most of the bands gracing the stages of large venues, late night programs, and festivals. I've been saving and looking online for a long time when I finally saw this gold sparkle kit that I couldn't pass up. I've been playing drums for many years, but definitely have been tuning them for less than that. I always try to make them sound better, but it only sometimes seems to work. So, I asked my old friend, Jason Slota, if he'd give me a quick drum tuning lesson. He was happy to comply, since he had also just gotten a C&C kit that he was still setting up. He also mentioned that the question he is most frequently asked is "How do I tune my drums?" -- so now he can just send them here. As Pat Spurgeon once said "You learn something new every couple of days."

I met Jason in 2001 when he, Pat and I lived together in West Oakland. It was then I began following most of the bands he was playing in, which was tricky, because that list is pretty long at this point. I've loved seeing him play in a variety of situations -- whether it was vibes with Japonize Elephants or afrobeat drumming with Aphrodesia, it was always a pleasure. As of late, he's been playing with John Vanderslice and Thao and the Get Down Stay Down. When he's not touring, he also gives drum lessons at his studio, which I highly recommend. This guy has quite a pedigree. You will not be disappointed. He is also just a darn nice guy. Be sure to watch around the 12 minute mark for a surprise fun guest appearance...

My golden C&C drums:

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