Huichica 2015 Artist Spotlight: Gap Dream

Graham LeBron
06 04, 2015

I first heard Gap Dream in November of 2013 when Burger Records posted a Soundcloud link to "Love Is Not Allowed." Something about it hit me, hard. I sat and listened to that song probably 5 times in a row, and cried.

I read the story of how he moved from Ohio to California to live at Burger Records, and I cried. Not really from Gabriel Fulmivar's story about his life changing new opportunity, which was actually pretty inspiring, but because this beautiful song had unlocked something in me that allowed me to let go of some of the hurt I'd been holding inside for the past couple of years. My life changed soon after, a relationship ended -- lives and livelihoods had to be separated and regrouped and protected. It all changed for the better eventually, but that didn't make it hurt any less at the time. This was a moment of realization for me. This is one of those songs that helped me through. The chorus was like a mantra to me for a while.

Love is not allowed to those who run

Nor is it the power of the one

Put your cares and hopes away

And save them for a rainy day

Until the world is swallowed by the sun

I felt horribly guilty for knowing I wanted to run, for not wanting to work at it anymore. And angry for feeling like I had put my hopes and cares away trying to keep something alive that I wasn't sure I believed in anymore. Looking back, it was a turning point moment.

Later that day, a song started coming to me. I had not been writing songs, just pieces for commercials and film, and was actually starting to feel stuck in that regard. I wanted a new, evolved Golden Gram sound, to be able to say new things in new ways. I wanted to figure out how to make messed up electronic pop songs that could mean something. And I started that day, because of Gap Dream. You can listen to the song I made here. The influence is obvious, I even adapted a bit of the lyrics from his song, Shine Your Love. You know what T.S. Eliot said about great poets... But this post isn't supposed to be about me, I want to talk about Gap Dream.

I've never met Gabriel Fulvimar, but from everything I've heard, he's a pretty nice, chill dude. From his music, he sounds like a fun guy with some deep thoughts. I love the whole album. He clearly spent a lot of time crafting it on his own, and co-producing with Bobby Harlow (Conspiracy of Owls) to focus and strengthen the sounds.

On Shine Your Light, you will find joy and pain and synth arpeggios and hope and bitterness and love and guitars and drum machines all collaged together into a wonderfully cohesive whole. Listen to it!

I saw him play with Sonny and the Sunsets and Colleen Green at the Chapel back in February and I was quite impressed. He's played live in a variety of formats, and apparently, some were disappointed by this incarnation. Instead of bandmates on either drums, guitars, or bass, he had a really nice analog synth setup that he controlled masterfully, all on his own. He still played the songs from the album and I thought it sounded amazing -- the tones and rhythms he was using were right up my alley. I heard some folks afterwards mention they were not pleased because he hadn't played them "like they sound on the record" or "how he sounded last time." Most folks are fickle and don't want to hear anything they aren't already familiar with. I, along with the portion of the crowd that was moving, was really into it. He has been making electronic music for quite a while under a few monikers, I started listening to his electronic project, Warm, when I discovered it on the Gap Dream bandcamp page. For record store day 2015, he released another LP on Burger as Pleiades, which is also excellent. So it wasn't really that surprising to me to see him play live that way.

It is anyone's guess what we'll get from him when he takes the stage at Huichica on Saturday, June 13th. I have a feeling I'm going to like it, whatever it is. And maybe I'll have a chance to thank him for helping me through a tough time in my life. Isn't that what music is all about?

Here's Gap Dream playing sweet synthed out versions of "Chill Spot" and "Fantastic Sam" at the Chapel. I'm digging the transition between the songs. It gets pretty Moroder even, I felt like I was in the opening credits of Miami Vice for a second towards the end there, which is awesome.

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