July Monthly Mix in Motion

Graham LeBron
07 18, 2015

Here's another doozy of a mix. So much good stuff discovered this month while I was traveling. I actually discovered some new music from the radio, I was surprised to find out I really like the new Alabama Shakes album, it was cool to hear their new single without knowing who it was. What did we do before Shazam? In addition to random radio stations I could pick up on I-40, special thanks to KALX Berkeley for continuing to turn me on to cool stuff. 

It is no surprise it starts off with the lead track from Isaac Vallentin's debut, Hedera. It is definitely a viable contender for my record of the year. Oakland's own Naytronix released a sweet single called Mister Divine that I can't get enough of. So groovy, I love the production on that one. New singles from some big names too. Beck and Janet Jackson are both rocking me right now, and Mac DeMarco snuck in a single as well.

Anyone remember Phantom Planet? Well, the lead singer, Alex Greenwald, released a record last year called Yo without much fanfare for some reason, and it is really good! Of course I included another jammer from the the new Tame Impala album, Currents, and there are some dance floor tunes by the bird and the bee (I'm glad they're back after 5 years), Shamir, and French Horn Rebellion. Not all of it is super new, but it is all new to me. It heads for the finish with the entire Side A track from Four Tet's new album, Morning/Evening. It is the Morning Side, and I've been listening to it every morning for about a week now. Leave it to Nicolas Jaar to close us out with both sides of his new single Nymphs III.

I'd also like to direct your attention to another playlist called Drops 2015. It is all of the songs from my monthly mixes compiled into one gigantic playlist. It is going to be epic by the end of the year. Follow it and you won't miss any of the great stuff I'll be sharing.

Like I said last month, there will be much more coming soon. I have a ton of footage from Huichica and Hickey Fest that I'm still sifting through. Be good to each other and enjoy your weekend!

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