June Monthly Mix in Motion

Graham LeBron
06 24, 2015

Well folks, June has been a crazy month so far. For the last few years it's been that way for me. DJing two festivals (Huichica and Hickey Fest), shows, more DJing, travels, recording... At least it is all a good kind of hectic. Along the way, I did happen to discover another great batch of new music, most of which came out in the last month or two. This monthly mix is already in pretty serious motion, but please let me know if there is something I should add.

As always, I discovered some great bands this month, Death and Vanilla (filling the hole left in my heart by Broadcast) Mild High Club (my favorite new band from Hickey fest, amazing live!), Crocodiles, and PINS. There's some local stuff in there by Trails and Ways and Painted Palms. New stuff by some of my favorites, Mates of State, Destroyer, Calvin Love, Sharon Van Etten, and Fool's Gold. On the electronic tip, the new album, In Colour, by Jamie XX is pretty amazing, definitely pushing the barriers of what constitutes EDM. Also great stuff from apostrophic, Neon Indian, Monster Rally, and Bomba Estereo. While not exactly new, the 2012 album, Apeiron, by Sad Souls is excellent as well. It was new to me and has quickly become my early morning and late night listen of choice. As good as any ambient Brian Eno album, with some seriously entrancing rhythms to boot. Try it for yourself.

I was most pleased and intrigued by the new album from Tropicalia great, Gal Costa, released this May. Gal EstratosfĂ©rica is her 30th studio album in 50 years. Not a bad average. I've been exploring that discography for a while now and I am constantly impressed at the quality and variety of her output. 

On this new one, traditional Bossa Nova tunes mix with modern instrumentation and innovative arrangements, and some mellow smooth jams are in there too. The opening track actually rocks pretty hard. 

What intrigued me most were the songs about mid way through the album. Por Baixo, track 8, is what would probaby be the first track on Side 2 if this was an LP. All of the sudden, the subtle electronic textures come forward, there are drum machines and arpeggios and it is super cool! I could fit this into an electronic DJ set for sure. Check out Muita Sorte for another example. It is nice to see someone still feeling free to experiment so late in their career. I suppose that should make sense given that a dominant principle of Tropicália was antropofagia, a type of cultural cannibalism that encouraged the conflation of disparate influences, out of which could be created something unique. Well, she has sure done that here.

I am still going through the large amount of footage I've accumulated this month. There is so much good stuff to come. I'm particularly excited to share a great interview Pat did with Damon of Amen Dunes, and Part 2 of my MIni Golf excursion with Eric D. Johnson. Stay tuned!

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