Outer Sounds with Daring Ear and Golden Gram

Graham LeBron
09 16, 2015

Thursday night, September 17, at Starline Social Club in Oakland, I will be DJing something a little different than my usual fare with an old friend and current bandmate of mine. Over the course of our 10 year friendship, Aaron Deer (Daring Ear) and I discovered that we share a penchant for the odd -- the outer sounds of far off places and murky spaces filled with old electronic noises and strange pitched voices.  They can be soulful, or robotic, tuneful or discordant, but there seems to be some sort of similar vein we find. Compilation records like Personal Space: Electronic Soul 1974 - 1984, Next Stop Soweto, and Sounds of the Universe: Art + Sound, will give you a pretty good idea of what I'm talking about.

In addition to our own digging, we've come to follow labels like Soundway, MJMJ, Not Not Fun, Sublime Frequencies, Analog Africa, Numero Group, Italians Do It Better, and Light in the Attic to see what kind of new interestingness they can bring to a greater audience. Some strictly stick to crate digging all overt the world for old and rare records to compile, some are releasing the new obscure sounds for this generation, and many are doing a combination of both. In particular, Samy Ben Redjeb of Analog Africa does an amazing job on of documenting his hunting for rare records all over Africa. His blog and liner notes for each release are fascinating in their exhaustive detail. The extraordinarily high level of loving curation that these folks achieve in presenting this otherworldly music they discover is truly amazing and heartening.

In general, most folks don't want to hear this kind of thing when we DJ, so, for the most part, we just kind of keep it to ourselves. But since we started our record label, Outer Sound, we've had the opportunity to spin some of this strangeness around town, and 3rd Thursdays is our best bet yet. You'll hear stuff from most of the known continents with a healthy smattering of obscure gems from right here in North America. This mix includes some gold by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Discoverer, Ultramarine, Golden Dawn Arkestra, Maria Minerva, Cornelius and more. And, I will say that as weird as it can get, you can usually still dance to it. So come see us and check out some Outer Sounds. You won't be bored, that much I can guarantee.

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