Playlist: Best Songs of 2014 Volume 3

Graham LeBron
02 05, 2015

This mix winds things down to a nice end, but it still has some dance going on.

I could probably still do another 2 volumes of just 2014 vinyl. Maybe, I will...

Gold Silver Diamond - Generationals “Alix” (Polyvinyl)

This is one of my favorite songs of the year for sure.

It’s sweet, it swaggers, it croons. It’s got that beat. It’s Generationals, man

Dripping - Blonde Redhead “Barragan” (Asawa Kuru)

I’ve been a long time fan since 1995’s “La Mia Vita Violenta” but had lost track of them. Turns out they haven’t released an album in 7 years. This is a stunning return to form. Definitely more electronic than previous efforts. I dig it, there’s a kraut rock vibe going on here as well.

I’ve always appreciated their less aggressive tunes, so this album has quickly become my favorite.

Oh Bummer - Deerhoof “La Isla Bonita” (Polyvinyl)

Deerhoof celebrated their 20th anniversary as a band last year, and they sound better than ever. Their off kilter noise pop has been on my radar since I heard their album “Reveille” back in 2003. On this track the singer/bass player and singer/drummer switch places for an interesting take on the classic disco beat.

Red Car - Chromatics “Running From The Sun” (Italians Do It Better)

I love everything Chromatics do. The Italians Do It Better label is putting out some of the modern music around. Their new output was limited in 2014, but this one should tide us over until their new LP, Dear Tommy, drops around Valentines day.

It’s moody and vibey and I love it.

Deja Vu - Cibo Matto “Hotel Valentine” (Chimera Music)

I’ll admit I’d lost track of Cibo Matto since the last time I saw them in the 90s.

I saw them open for Tune-Yards recently and it was great. Where was I?

There blend of J-pop, electro, and hip-hop sounds current.

Silver - Caribou “Our Love” (Merge)

My favorite song off of a killer album. It’s a great beat with an all encompassing sound. But, unlike a lot of current EDM, it’s still a great song. Another crooner.

Last One To Know - Springtime Carnivore “S/T” (Autumn Tone)

An instant classic of an amazingly strong debut LP from this mostly one woman band.

Her production work with Richard Swift works so well here. I just believe her when she sings.

Chinese Fountain - The Growlers “Chinese Fountain” (Everloving)

The lyrical sentiment here is so beautiful and jaded. It’s a stretch for them to be doing disco, but they make it work. It’s a commentary on the current state of affairs, and he’s probably right. “Isn’t techno so shitty, even disco seems punk?” Amen, brother.

Tall Man Skinny Lady - Ty Segall “Manipulator” (Drag City)

I missed out on this guy until this year. I’m still playing catch up.

This appeals to me for a number or reasons, it’s funky and rock and full of attitude, like some early 70’s unreleased gem from T. Rex or David Bowie. Another crooner.

Archie, Marry Me - Alvvays “S/T” (Polyvinyl)

This song has a special place in my heart because my father’s name was Archie.

I haven’t paid much attention to the bands aping the C86 or 90’s twee sound that seems to have had a resurgence as of late. I think partially because I’m listening for a good song. But man, this song is perfect. Heartfelt and sweet and super noisy. Probably helps that it was produced by one of my favorites, Chad Van Gaalen.

Good Morning Young Artist - Mike Sempert (Velvet Blue Music)

This is the first song I heard of of Mike’s debut solo album. Such a nice sentiment. It is bright and warm and heartfelt. Like Alvvays, there’s something so familar here that I can’t place, and that is great feeling. Sometimes, I think of this song when I’m on my way to work in the morning and it always helps. I think he’d be happy to know that.

Time To Waste It - Eno & Hyde “High Life” (Opal)

Brian Eno and Karl Hyde put out two records this year. Both are excellent, but I find myself gravitating more towards this one. Probably because of the high life influences and more sonic nature in general. Just a cool groove with a really strange vocal. It sounds like they were really feeling this when they made it, especially since it’s over 8 minutes long!

Sisters - Sandy’s “Fourth Dementia” (Um Yeah Arts)

Another sonic one-- good in the headphones. And what a great melody, when the vocals come in it just sweeps you away. Epic and timeless. If you’re still with me, you’ll notice the first track of this 3 volume mix was by Sandy’s. I think it’s a nice bookend.

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