Playlist: Golden Afternoon Disco

Graham LeBron
04 17, 2015

"Let the good vibes get a lot stronger"

The weekly Sunday afternoon beer garden party, Garden Gold, kicks off for the summer this Sunday, April 19, at Lost & Found. It is their 1 year anniversary, so if you're in the bay area don't miss it.

The folks at Lost & Found say, "As a small gesture of our appreciation for our community's support since we opened our doors on 4/20 of last year, we'll be serving $1 local micro-brews in the garden and grilling $1 dogs (until supplies last) for your enjoyment"

In celebration of the event, I've prepared a feel good mix of the kind of stuff you are likely to hear wafting from the scenic patio all afternoon and into the evening. It starts off right with an inspired good vibes tune called Sunshine Reggae by danish group, Laid Back. They are most known in the states for their 80's club hit "White Horse", but clearly have no problem being more "laid back" than that on this track, which was a major hit of 1983 in the rest of the world. Then we start getting into the groove with slow jammers like Herb Alpert’s “Rise” (recognize the Biggie sample at 5:38) and What Cha’ Gonna Do For Me” by West Coast yacht rocker, Ned Doheny.

As the mix, and the afternoon progresses, things get a little groovier, a little more electronic, and we get into some modern classics, like Feist’s Bee Gees cover, Inside And Out, and Glass Candy’s dance floor slow burner, Beautiful Object.

The groove stays strong with some high hat heavy tracks from Jan Hammer Group, West Coast mood groovers, Warpaint, and in the same vein from decades earlier, Moody, by NYC lady jammers, ESG.

This mix makes me happy. I must also mention one of my new favorite tracks to get the floor moving by Austin by way of Saturn outfit, Golden Dawn Arkestra. Dimensions is the jam, I highly recommend their latest EP.

There’s some local talent on here too, Vetiver’s Current Carry, of course, as well as jammers from The Beat Broker, Sorcerer, Windsurf, and Hatchback. I particularly love the new track from Oakland’s own Astronauts, Etc, “I Know.” It is so smooth.

And one of my all time favorite cuts from Ultramarine called Honey -- I'm so glad that LP was reissued last year. I'll never forget seeing them open for Meat Beat Manifesto and Orbital in 1992 at Numbers in Houston. Good times.

I’d like to let the lyrics from Sunshine Reggae have the last word on this one, "Let the good vibes get a lot stronger.”

See you in the Beer Garden!

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