Playlist: Patrick Spurgeon's Happy Hour Mix

Graham LeBron
03 18, 2015

You can usually find Pat Spurgeon DJing on Friday evenings at Missouri Lounge in Berkeley. His mix is always eclectic and always interesting. Sometimes, it can be more fun to Dj just to set the mood rather than to get people dancing. If folks wanna get down at 6:30 on a Friday night, that's just bonus points. He has a real knack for finding similar elements in very disparate tunes. Would you have ever thought that Time Passages by Al Stewart would go so well into Destroyer's Blue Eyes? These two are actually pretty similar --- both mellow and moody with some soft rock drums and crooning, yet articulate vocals. They even both have a smooth jazz sax solo. Who knew? I asked if he'd mind keeping track of what he plays one week because I always discover something from his mixes. He diligently noted his four hour set, so here is his playlist from last Friday, the 13th of March. I think there is something for everyone. What are your happy hour jams? Let me know and I will add them to the Drops of Gold Ultimate Happy Hour Mix.

Spotify Playlist is missing a few tracks, but still good:

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