Post Show Interview: Amen Dunes at Huichica 2015

Graham LeBron
08 06, 2015

It has been a while since we had a good post show interview here, but have I got a gem for you. While sifting through the footage from Huichica 2015, this unplanned interaction between Pat Spurgeon of Rogue Wave and Damon McMahon of Amen Dunes grabbed me the most. Pat and I were already way into the last album, I even wrote about it here back in March, so we were both excited to see him play. We were not let down.

Damon and his band turned in a truly stellar set on the beautiful outdoor stage as the sun was setting at Gundlach Bundschu Winery. The songs from his latest record, Love, translated perfectly in such a pastoral setting.  The trio of Damon on acoustic guitar,  a multi-instrumentalist on electric guitar/keys/percussion and an impeccable drummer created an immaculate space -- it felt as if any more sound would have been overkill. Pat and I couldn't stop talking about it, so when we ran into him backstage, where we had all been enjoying the fruits of Gun Bun's labor, we couldn't help striking up a conversation.

What I like most about this video is, were Pat not hamming it up for the camera (thanks Pat!), it is almost not an interview. It's more like something I used to see all the time backstage while on tour -- basically a conversation between two gracious, well-traveled musicians as they get to know each other in their brief passing. Pat is honest that even though he loves the record, he doesn't know much about the guy, and he says so. He really wants to know. Damon has put out 5 full length LPs at this point and is still nice enough to take the time to talk about each one thoughtfully when asked. He's probably been asked these same questions so many times already, and I have seen so many musicians react in quite a different way in this situation, so it was pretty refreshing to see. And for those of you not already familiar, you get a nice introduction to a phenomenal band. I'm so glad this happened. Watch the video and have a listen to the playlist I was inspired to make after spending the hours editing and researching. It is pretty good. As Pat would say, you learn something new every couple of days...

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