Post Show Interview: Guster

Graham LeBron
04 10, 2015

I first met Ryan Miller in 2004 when Guster decided to take the band I was playing in at the time, Rogue Wave, on a brief southwest tour with them. We bonded fairly quickly once we realized we'd grown up within a few miles of each other in the suburbs of North Dallas, especially when we played the Granada Theatre in Dallas where we both spent time going to see movies at the only theatre in town where you could order food and beer. This January, Guster released their best record so far called Evermotion -- working in the studio with producer Richard Swift got them moving at a much faster pace than they were used to, and it sounds like it has benefitted them in more ways than just making albums. Check the video for the scoop.

Ryan tells the story of the wonderment of their guitarist, Luke Reynolds, when they played at what they lovingly refer to as "Jew Camp."

Watch Guster destroy the tired ritual of the encore before playing one of their classics, Ramona:

And the full version of "Long Night" including the story of how they almost didn't make it to the show.

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