SUPER 80S: Volume 1

Graham LeBron
09 03, 2015

In the years of hanging with Pat Spurgeon, AKA DJ Sweetie P, we have DJed together in variety of settings from backyards to hotel rooms, dive bars to dance clubs, and backstages all over.  A lot of it has actually taken place at Missouri Lounge in Berkeley, where primarily one or the other of us has been DJing Friday Happy Hour since 2008. We've turned each other on to a variety of things in that time, but the thing that seems to keep bubbling to the top is 80s music. 

And when I say that, I don't just mean Madonna, or MC Hammer, or even Talking Heads. I mean stuff that maybe we weren't familiar with ourselves in the 80s, random 45s we've found or reissues of lesser known classics like Liquid Liquid or Lizzy Mercier Descloux, both of whom I just wrote about here. We decided we should try a night time 80s party of a different strain. Sure, we'll throw on "Dress You Up" or "She Drives Me Crazy" for the folks, but we'll also get them dancing to some weirder stuff like funky proto-industrial Ministry tracks or extended dance floor burners by Nigerian synth pioneer, William Onyeabor. As we are both discovering, there seems to be a never ending supply of music from the decade we spent most of our teens in. So, have a listen to the mix, I bet you find something new too. We are spinning SUPER 80s every first Saturday at the Starline Social Club, West Oakland's premiere night spot for high quality entertainment, world class food and beverage, and impeccable service and decor. Come see us!

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